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O&O Academy is an international philosophy and meditation school in southern India.

O&O Academy created O&O Academy USA to help advance their grand vision for the transformation of human consciousness. O&O Academy offers a variety of courses, both in the USA and in India, that are significantly unique to any other teachings or practices.

We invite you to take a profound, transformational, inward journey.

Programs In USA

Courses taught by O&O Academy faculty and held in the USA include Being Limitless, Field of Abundance, and Source & Synchronicities. These experience driven courses offer foundational wisdom and meditation practices.

Events conducted by specially trained One Consciousness Transformers and One Consciousness Trainers include Stress Detox and The Beautiful State. These spiritual workshops are designed to help participants move from stressful to calm states.

The courses and events in the USA give participants a taste of the longer programs offered in India.

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Programs In India

Designed to take you deeper on your spiritual journey and into the workings of the mind, brain and consciousness, these courses are offered at O&O Academy in India: The Oneness Field, One Consciousness Achievers Circle and One Consciousness Business Circle.

With the Power of Source and the Power of Consciousness as the foundation for all courses, students live and learn on campus with others from around the world.

These courses happen in a fertile learning environment conducive to deeper spiritual understanding and greater transformation.

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