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O&O Academy USA

O&O Academy is an international philosophy and meditation school in southern India founded by Preethaji and Krishnaji.

O&O Academy USA is a group of dedicated volunteers and teachers who collaborate with the founders and faculty of O&O Academy to advance their grand vision for the transformation of human consciousness. O&O Academy offers a variety of programs that are significantly unique to any other teachings or practices.

We invite you to take a profound, transformational, inward journey.

Programs In USA & Canada

The Field of Abundance course is taught by Preethaji in the USA and Canada a few times per year.  The Stress Detox and Power of The Beautiful State workshops are taught by One Consciousness Transformers and Trainers several times per month across the USA and Canada.

Ekam Circles meet weekly in communities across the country.

These programs are designed to transform disconnection to connection, division to oneness, suffering to a peaceful beautiful state. Join us and discover your authentic inner power and peace.

Programs In India

Designed to take you deeper on your spiritual journey and into the workings of the mind and consciousness, these courses are offered at O&O Academy in India: The Mystic Course, One Consciousness Business Course. and One Consciousness Leaders Circle.

Retreat to Ekam – The Oneness Field where you engage in daily processes that result in powerful mystical experiences, transcendental states and an awakened consciousness. Ekam is a powerful sacred space for transforming consciousness.



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Ekam Prayer

Through the Ekam Prayer you may draw incredible miracles into your life. You experience a protective embrace of the divine in everything you do. Immerse in the Ekam Prayer with Sri Krishnaji.