A School for Transformation

O&O Academy

O&O Academy is an international wisdom school founded by two generations of world-renowned spiritual leaders. Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan come together with their son and daughter-in-law, Krishnaji and Preethaji, to create this magnificent academy for the transformation of human consciousness.

Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan founded Oneness University in 2004 as an international school for spiritual transformation through the Power of Source, also known as the Divine. Krishnaji & Preethaji, modern philosopher sages, founded One World Academy in 2009 as a wisdom school for enlightenment through the Power of One Consciousness. Created in 2017, O&O Academy is the coming together of both these Powers.

At O&O Academy students undertake a profound, transformational, inward journey from living in divisive i-consciousness to interconnected One Consciousness. As one evolves on this path of Awakening, life overflows with peace, connection and abundance. 

O&O Academy USA

O&O Academy USA was created to support O&O Academy’s grand vision for the transformation of human consciousness. 

We are here to help you easily navigate through O&O Academy’s programs. As you explore the diverse offerings, you will discover many opportunities for both the casual and serious seeker, including community events, online courses, nationwide weekend programs, as well as more advanced progressive study courses at the campuses in India.

For individuals who want to discover authentic happiness and live in a more compassionate, abundant and peaceful world, we invite you to participate in O&O Academy’s programs.  Courses and events will take you on an inward journey awakening you to the Power of One Consciousness.


TEDx | Preethaji | Living in a Beautiful State

Stressed-out, anxious or chronically unhappy? Preethaji’s talk will lead you through an authentic journey of self-knowing to illuminate the root causes of stress.

Krishnaji | Founder of O&O Academy

Krishnaji talks about his many roles and responsibilities in life in response to the question from a course participant: “Are you and avatar?”