One Consciousness Awakening Courses

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Two Courses

One Consciousness Awakening Courses (OCAC) cause a metamorphosis in consciousness to birth new reality and a new world.

There are two independent courses to awaken to one consciousness states – each with a primary level (1) and advanced level (2). You may register for Conscious Creator 1 or The Mystic 1 at any time. Conscious Creator courses are not a prerequisites to The Mystic courses. Conscious Creator 1 is the prerequisite to Conscious Creator 2. Likewise, The Mystic 1 is the prerequisite to The Mystic 2. 

Conscious Creator Course (2 Levels)

A conscious creator is awakened to the mystic power of universal intelligence. On this journey you become rid of the old and dysfunctional latent tendencies from several lifetimes or your birth period or early childhood years of life. You emerge into a conscious creator of abundance of every form.

The Mystic Course (2 Levels)

As a mystic you learn the mystic ways of universe. Pole vault the limited world of logic and enter the realm of the mystic. Cut through Maya – the obsessions projected by your fear-driven mind. Become an instrument in the hands of universal intelligence.

Course Fees

Fees for the One Consciousness Awakening Courses are based on your accommodation selection. You have the option to stay on Campus 3 for $5,600 per person or Campus 5 for $3,500 per person for each course level. The fee is paid in full when you arrive and register at your campus in India.

Schedule 2020

  • Conscious Creator 1 – March 1 to March 9
  • Conscious Creator 2 – March 12 to March 20
  • The Mystic 1 – March 22 to March 30
  • The Mystic 2 – April 1 to April 9
  • Conscious Creator 1 – September 11 to September 19
  • Conscious Creator 2 – September 21 to September 29
  • The Mystic 1 – October 1 to October 9
  • The Mystic 2 – October 11 to October 19

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A radically life transforming and magical journey into Abundance, Transformation, Transcendence and Oneness.