One Consciousness Business Circle

One Consciousness Business Circle

A Very Rare Opportunity on Many Levels

One Consciousness Business Circle will take you on an incredibly magical journey where possibilities become realities as you move from existence to living, from i-Consciousness to One Consciousness.

As you progress on this evolutionary journey, your neurobiology undergoes a profound transformation and you get established in beautiful, transcendental and enlightened states of Consciousness.

This is an intimate spiritual learning for individual awakening and for transforming business consciousness.

The Five Attainments

During this progressive 9-course series, your are guided through Five Attainments where impossibilities become realities as you move from divisive i-consciousness to One Consciousness. The first four attainments consist of two courses, while the last attainment is a single level course.

1st Attainment ~ Truth Knower

You explore the unknown nature of the mind and break limiting patterns that predate your birth through a union of the Power of Source with the Power of One Consciousness. You establish a beautiful relationship with the Divine. 

Truth Knower 1 and Truth Knower 2 are each 7- day courses.

2nd Attainment ~ Life Knower

You use the power of One Consciousness to overcome challenges around prosperity and relationships. You create an abundance of wealth and love. You experience synchronicities and miracles. Your consciousness achieves the power to impact others.

Life Knower 1 and Life Knower 2 are each 9-day courses.

3rd Attainment ~ Self Knower

You become free of suffering and transcend the duality of suffering and pleasure; of praise and humiliation; of the past and the future. You realize the true nature of the Self. You go beyond good and bad karma to a space of Witness Consciousness. You experience Transcendental States of Consciousness. At this stage of your evolution in consciousness you experience the Divine.

Self Knower 1 and Self Knower 2 are each 9-day courses.

4th Attainment ~ Cosmic Knower

You realize the true nature of birth and death. You awaken to the true nature of the universe. You realize the immortality of life. You awaken to Enlightened States of Oneness.  In the stage of your evolution in consciousness, you are That. 

Cosmic Knower 1 and Cosmic Knower 2 are each 9-day courses.

5th Attainment ~ Philosopher Teacher

You begin to impact the world through the power of One Consciousness and the wisdom that has emerged in you. As a Philosopher Teacher you are established in a state of Oneness with all life. Equipped with right wisdom, you serve as a guiding light to society.

Philosopher Teacher is a single 9-day course.


Guided by Krishnaji and Preethaji, co-founders and chief mentors of O&O Academy, the One Consciousness Business Circle is taught by the faculty members who live a life of dedication and service to humanity.


One Consciousness Business Circle upcoming dates are listed below. This 9-course series must be taken in consecutive order starting with the Truth Knower 1.

Course Fees

The 7-day Truth Knower course fee is $8,000 for each Level;  You may take Truth Knower 1 & 2 as a consecutive 14-day course for $15,000. The remaining 9-day courses are $12,000 each.

A deposit is paid when you register and the balance is due seven days prior to course start date. All fees are nonrefundable. If you must cancel your plans, you will have 12 months to apply your payment to your next One Consciousness Business Circle course. Course payments cannot be transferred to other O&O Academy programs.

Integration Course

In 2018 only: A special Integration Course is required for graduates of OPC 1-7 to integrate the past OPC journey with the new One Consciousness Business Circle. The Integration Course is free of charge. In order to transition to the One Consciousness Business Circle series, please enroll in the integration course prior to your next level.

Course Dates

1. Truth Knower 1
2. Truth Knower 2
3. Life Knower 14. Life Knower 2
5. Self Knower 1
Jan 15-21, 2019
April 1-7, 2019
Jan 22-28, 2019
April 8-14, 2019
Jan 30-Feb 7, 2019Nov 5-13, 2018*
Feb 9-17. 2019
To be scheduled
*OPC 4,5 grads Integration Course
Oct 31-Nov 4, 2018
6. Self Knower 2
7. Cosmic Knower 1
8. Cosmic Knower 2
9. Philosopher Teacher
March 3-11, 2019To be scheduled
To be scheduled
To be scheduled

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