One Consciousness Achievers Circle Travel


One Consciousness Achievers Circle course fees are based on your accommodation selection. You have the option to stay on Campus 3 for $5,600 per person or Campus 5 for $3,500 per person. The fee is paid in full when you arrive and register at your campus in India.


Payment may be made in US dollars, Indian rupees or by credit card. There is a 3.5% Indian bank fee for credit card payments. If you plan to use your credit card in India, please let your bank know about your travel plans. O&O Academy does not accept American Express. If you pay with cash in US dollars, you must use the new blue striped $100 bills.

All fees are nonrefundable. One Consciousness Achievers Circle payments cannot be transferred to other O&O Academy programs.

No personal tipping is allowed while you are on O&O Academy campuses. If you would like to tip housekeepers or groundskeepers, please do it through the head faculty on for the campus.


Check In Time: 11:00 am   Check Out Time: 10:00 am
Campus 5Campus 3
$3,500 per person$5,600 per person
Dormitory campus. Shared bathrooms. Air-conditioned. 5 minutes to The Oneness Field.
Double rooms. Private bathrooms. Air-conditioned. 30 minutes to The Oneness Field.

O&O Academy Forms

You will be asked to provide the following forms when you register on campus. First download and save these forms to your desktop or mobile device. Then you will be able to fill in the required information, or print the documents and fill in manually. Please take 2 copies of each form with you to India.

OCAC Agreement and Liability Waiver

FORM C Arrival Report of Foreigner in Guest House

Participant Information Form

In addition, you will need 4 copies of your passport photo page, 4 copies of your Indian visa page, and 4 copies of the passport page that is stamped upon your arrival in India by the Indian immigration official. 

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