The Mystic Course

Awaken The Mystic Consciousness to Transform Reality

The Mystic course is a journey to access the limitless power of the universe and turn possibilities into realities. It is a journey not for betterment or improvement; it is about an emergence. When your consciousness awakens and expands, everything about your life begins to expand. It is a journey into unexplored realms of consciousness where you discover your self and your purpose on earth.

  • Realize that your life is a play between the visible and the invisible forces of life.
  • Explore the true nature of birth, death and the universe.
  • Cut through the obsessions projected by your fear driven mind.
  • Awaken to the sacred power of the universal intelligence.
  • Learn the mystic ways of the universe to take your body into a miracle zone of healing.
  • Create abundance that will nurture you and the ecosystem that supports you.
  • Experience the divine in all existence.

Powerful processes and realizations will rock you on this journey.

Course Fees

Fees for The Mystic are based on your accommodation selection. You have the option to stay on Campus 3  Executive Room $8,000 per person, Campus 3 Standard Room for $7,000, or Campus 5 for $3,500 per person.

Campus 5Campus 3
Dormitory campus. Shared bathrooms. Air-conditioned. 5 minutes to Ekam.
Executive and Standard double rooms. Private bathrooms. Air-conditioned. 30 minutes to Ekam.

Schedule 2020

NOTE: Due to COVID19, all on campus programs are cancelled until further notice.


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