The Oneness Field Ekam

Come to The Oneness Field – Ekam

Experience the power of The Oneness Field for states of awakening and fulfilling heartfelt intentions.  Participate in the transformation of world consciousness. Come be with us in the play field of the Divine for inexpressible meditations, mystical processes and transcendental states. The Oneness Field is open to seekers throughout the year. 


A Mystical Realm of Transcendence A Generator and Amplifier of Awakening States A Cradle for World Transformation


The sacred vision for a space dedicated to human transformation was created and directed by Krishnaji to fulfill the vision of his parents, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. He began this monumental project at the age of 19, managing it to completion by the time he was 28, with the love, support and dedication of millions of seekers from India and the world.

Sacred Architecture

The structure of The Oneness Field affects and uplifts your consciousness into transcendental realms because it is, in itself, a Phenomenon.  Meditating and being part of the processes here means you are part of a powerful field that is propelling you into Oneness.

  • ARCHITECTURAL WONDER: The Oneness Field, one of India’s architectural wonders, towers majestically over the foothills and vast open plains of the Velikonda Range. It is situated on the eastern coast of southern India, 80 km north of the city of Chennai.
  • EARTH’S ENERGY GRID: The main edifice stands 105 feet high on forty-two acres of level land. It is positioned at a point where the earth’s grid or energy lines meet creating heightened energy levels.
  • POWERHOUSE: It is a powerhouse of energy surrounded by a moat circulating water clockwise. The ripples created by meditations from within neutralize harmful energies in seekers as they cross the moat making their way into The Oneness Field.
  • IMPACTING BRAIN AND CONSCIOUSNESS: The eight octagonal staircases located in the four corners of The Field harmonize the static and dynamic energies of the universe. These energies are channeled into the body to activate the mystic chakras thus activating various parts of the brain.
  • FOUR CARDINAL DIRECTIONS: The four cardinal directions are highlighted by the marble-carved faces and heads of four different animals. Each of these are meant to attract one specific aspect of energy to benefit the seekers who walk past them.
  • HEIGHTENED STATES: Built according to the ancient Hindu principles of architecture, Vaastu Shastra, every precise aspect and detail of The Oneness Field creates heightened energy levels.

This mystic field of consciousness is a three dimensional projection of the Surya Yantra, an ancient and an immensely powerful geometric form and is created to be The Abode of the Phenomenon.

Discover the Sanctum

The Sanctum is a monumental 24,000 square foot chamber without columns, specially designed to accommodate 8,000 seekers in a state of meditation. The nine spires doming the top of The Field, represent the integration of the nine planetary energies. The Amrutha-Kalasha on top of each spire represents infinity, prosperity and wholeness. The gigantic Sri Chakra, crafted entirely out of semi-precious stones, is the foundation of all sacred patterns. Situated directly below the central spire it represents the union of the masculine and the feminine forces of the universe. More than a geometric design it is a mandala charged with powerful chants.


At Ekam, meditation is a happening. Process is a happening. Transcendence is a happening. Enlightenment is a happening. Grace overpowers fate.

Upasana means sitting in the proximity of the divine, being in a space where there is no separation. It also means an inward immersion. Upasana at The Oneness Field involves processes for awakening to a greater transcendental state and a dissolution of the divide between you and the other, between you and the universe, and between you and the divine. 

The Oneness Field schedule for seekers.

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM12:00 PM - 1:00 PM1:30 PM - 3:30 PM4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Parishkara SiddhiPranopasanaSankalpa SiddhiMukti-Upasana
The blessing for dissolving obstacles and life’s problems.Cleansing your energy body or the light body for awakening to states of oneness.The blessing to manifest heartfelt intentions.For experiencing enlightened states of consciousness.


Entrance to The Oneness Field is free. There is a nonrefundable accommodation fee for seekers who stay on campus. This fee ranges from $75 per night per person to $350 per night per person depending on your choice of campus and room. The accommodation fee includes food served on campus, transportation to and from The Oneness Field, and internet access.  Book your accommodation at O&O Academy.

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