O&O Academy offers courses in India, in the USA, and in Canada. Steeped in ancient wisdom principles followed by profound processes, these offerings set into motion a gentle and permanent neurobiological shift in the brain that frees one to experience life and the world in a beautiful state. 

Courses in India

The Mystic Course is a 7 day journey to access the limitless power of the universe to turn possibilities into realities. It is a journey not for betterment or improvement; it is about an emergence with universal intelligence.

One Consciousness Business Courses lead business leaders and budding entrepreneurs towards business genius through powerful states of consciousness. In these courses, you master the art of creating wealth from the power of consciousness.

One Consciousness Leaders Circle mentored by Krishnaji, One Consciousness Leaders gain the ability to function at a high level of interconnection with various people, systems and sectors to bring about a massive transformation in consciousness thereby creating and contributing to greater abundance and well being in society.


Courses in India

Courses in USA Canada

Courses in USA and Canada

Field of Abundance is a 4-day journey in consciousness taught by Preethaji to awaken to transformed partnered relationship, parenting, wealth creation and a new sense of self.

Power of The Beautiful State is a 2-day course are taught by One Consciousness Transformers. Balancing neuroscience with mystic science and Universal wisdom with ancient processes, participants move from stressful states to calm connected states.

Stress Detox  is a 2-day course taught by One Consciousness Trainers. A meditative experience to releasing stress from body and mind. A unique combination of ancient methodology and modern wisdom.