Ekam World Peace Festival

August 9-19, 2018

We believe that world peace is much more than conflict resolution. Peace is a state of consciousness that humanity must enter in order to create a better world. This would be our next evolutionary leap. Without a peaceful consciousness, every form of advancement would eventually lead us to greater separation, division and conflict. A peaceful human being is a gift to the family, a powerful force for good in the world.’ ~ Krishnaji

Ekam World Peace Festival

The Ekam World Peace Festival will take place from August 9-19, 2018. It is O&O Academy’s contribution towards creating a beautiful and harmonious world. It is a momentous time when hundreds and thousands of people across the planet will meditate together to bring about a massive shift in human consciousness.

Ekam Peace Energy Points

On August 19, people from across the world will connect to the phenomenon of Ekam by gathering at Peace Energy Points. Ekam will amplify the immense peace energies generated by the multitudes of people meditating. A profound transformation in human collective consciousness will manifest as greater kindness, greater harmony and greater order in our world.

Your Contribution to World Peace

You can be an instrument of peace in a world that is torn apart by conflict and misery. A peaceful individual contributes to the creation of a peaceful world.

O&O Academy is enrolling Peacemakers to impact people their lives and to contribute to the transformation of world consciousness. In addition, every Peacemaker may create an Ekam Peace Energy Point.

As a Peace Energy Point Holder, you gather at least 49 people to meditate for world peace during the Ekam World Peace Festival culminating event on August 19.

Ekam World Peace Council

Ekam Peacemakers and Ekam Peace Energy Point Holders become members of the Ekam World Peace Council. O&O Academy faculty hold weekly online Ekam World Peace Council meetings where they teach the World Peace Soul Sync, the World Peace Deeksha, and offer wisdom meditations and special processes to awaken Peace Consciousness. Together you will create a divine force-field and become instruments of peace.

During this time until August 19, Peacemakers and Peace Energy Point Holders will connect with 49 people by leading World Peace Soul Sync meditations or giving World Peace Deekshas.

Ekam Peacemaker Registration

In addition to registering with O&O Academy, we ask that Ekam Peacemakers also register with O&O Academy USA and let us know if you will be holding an Ekam Peace Energy Point. We want to map the Ekam Peace Energy Points across the USA on this website to ignite participation.

Peacemakers Register Now


Ekam World Peace Festival Participant Registration

If you are planning to participate in the Ekam World Peace Festival at an Ekam Peace Energy Point in the USA, please register now. O&O Academy USA wants to acknowledge all of people from across the USA participating in this powerful August 19 event and create a heat map of participation for our website.

Festival Participants Register Now


Share Peace on Social Media

Using the hashtag #EkamWorldPeaceFestival, please share information about the Ekam World Peace Festival, World Peace Soul Sync sessions, World Peace Deeksha experiences, and Ekam Peace Energy Points on O&O Academy USA social media accounts as well as your own. Links to our social media accounts are located in the footer below.