Ekam Peacemaker & Peace Energy Point Registration

Ekam Peacemaker Registration

As an Ekam PEACEMAKER, you undergo a magical transformation in consciousness in connection to self, to relationships, and to the world. O&O Academy makes this transformation possible for every PEACEMAKER through the weekly online sessions. PEACEMAKERS grow  in consciousness through offering others peace blessings and meditations. Peacemakers may create Ekam Peace Energy Points for the Ekam World Peace Festival.

Ekam Peace Energy Point

A Peace Energy Point is a gathering of at least 49 people for the Ekam World Peace Festival on August 19. These gatherings will create powerful energy fields designed to propel humanity into a beautiful state of peace. Peace Energy Points will be in resonance with the power of Ekam where participants experience transcendental states of consciousness. 

Register with O&O Academy USA

In addition to registering with O&O Academy, we ask that Ekam Peacemakers also register with O&O Academy USA and let us know if you will be holding an Ekam Peace Energy Point.  We update the map of Ekam Peace Energy Points every 24 hours.