Events in the USA and Canada conducted by specially trained One Consciousness Transformers and Trainers are posted here. Stress Detox and The Beautiful State are spiritual workshop designed to help participants move from stressful to calm states. You will also find the Ekam Festivals that scheduled throughout the year.

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The Beautiful State Nashville TN

January 19 - January 20

$199 – $249

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This 2-day workshop is a compelling inward journey that is full of transformation, powerful meditations, insights and growth.  It is intentionally designed to help participants dissolve suffering, stressful states and live life from beautiful states of harmony, serenity, joy and love.  All ages from 16 and up are welcome.

Time: Saturday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM   Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Why The Beautiful State?

The biggest addiction we have is not to drugs or alcohol. It is to the inner turmoil that we all think is normal. We think it’s created by what’s out there – the spouse, girl or boyfriend, the boss, the job, what life is throwing at us. We make decisions we know will cause chaos, anxiety and stress. And yet we keep making the same choices over and over again.

But what if it’s in here? Inside. It is only from an inner beautiful state that we can live life vibrantly, fully and with choices that are good for us and others. So, how can we be in a beautiful state?

What is The Beautiful State workshop?

The Beautiful State workshop is designed to help dissolve the destructive patterns and forces of the unconscious and awaken you to the power of Higher Consciousness. An authentic shift in your consciousness occurs. You will experience peace with yourself and harmony with others. You will gain more clarity, and a greater zest in your life. And you can make better decisions. In other words you will learn how to nurture a beautiful state.

There will be a take-home meditation practice that will bring you into a state of calm, manifest heartfelt intentions and create unimagined results. At the end, you have the option to become a Oneness Blessing giver.

What you can expect from this workshop?

  • Learn to calm certain tendencies that create disharmony, stress, anxiety and fear. The result is greater harmony within, richer connections and more harmony with others, and a greater passion at work or school.
  • Connect to an expanded consciousness, resulting in more synchronicities in your life, better decisions, and impacting the people around you in a most beautiful way.
  • Take home a powerful meditation practice that will move you into a state of calm, manifest heartfelt intentions and create unimagined results.
  • You have the option at the end of the program to become a Oneness Blessing giver.


The early bird registration fee is  $199. Register by December 31 to receive the discount rate.  The regular registration fee is $249.

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This workshop is led by Erin Miller, senior student of O&O Academy.  Erin is specifically trained as a One Consciousness Transformer. She has a background in high technology and was trained as an electrical engineer. Erin has been immersed and taught in the wisdom and teachings of the founders of O&O Academy. O&O Academy is a unique philosophy and meditation school whose vision to bring about a revolution in the totality of human thought, igniting lasting change in how we live.

For many years I searched for ways to alleviate the anxiety, mundane existence, and loneliness that was part of my life. While I understand some of what caused this in terms of childhood events, it didn’t seem to help. I was always in the grip of patterns – continually making the same mistakes and acting the same way over and over, causing chaos and stress in my life. When I attended O&O Academy, this February, my compassion for self and others was uncovered.And for the first time I felt released from the incessant hum of unworthiness. Like not knowing the effect of the (background) noise of the air conditioner, until it gets turned off – and there is silence. Because of this shift within myself, my life feels more vibrant and energized.I discovered a deep desire to support our journeys into living with joyful serenity, creativity, freedom and expansiveness. In other words, to nurture a beautiful state of being in each one of us. I want this experience for everyone, who also wants it for themselves.”  ~ Erin Miller


Kundalini Rising Yoga 1218 Wedgewood Nashville TN 37212


January 19
January 20
$199 – $249
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Erin Miller

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