Celebrate a Joyful Ugadi or Gudi Padwa (New Year)

Everything is Cyclical

Look at the Universe around you. Everything is cyclical. Everything moves in cycles.

If you look at the world around you, everything is going to a cyclic moment. The electrons around the nucleus, the planets around the Sun, the galaxy around the center of the universe. And the universe itself is collapsing and expanding.

Even human life goes through cycles of order and disorder. Human life itself moves in cycles. Birth and death, winning and losing, progress and passivity, health and ill health, everything is a cyclic moment.  

No human being ever truly lives when they tried desperately to cling to one and deny the other side of the cycle. You only live in fear of the other side of the cycle ever happening. Thrill and zest disappear from life. Sacredness disappears.  Birth and death then become more hospital centered experiences. In a hospital you are born, in a hospital you will die.

Is this all and that there is to life?  No.

Wholeness of Life

Life is a mystery and experience where you can’t run from anything. And that is the essence of Ugadi, or Gudi Padwa. It is a reminder to pause and bring attention to the wholeness of life without denying or clinging on to anything. The bitter, the sweet, the sour, the spicy, the bland and the astringent, all tastes of life experiences to be accepted. It is a celebration of life.

And think of it…this would be a first Ugadi or GudiPadwa at home with your love ones – alone.

You have much in life. And nature is now saying be still.  This would be a for a movement inward. Life has now put all of us in the stillness mode. Let us celebrate it. The still and beautifully quiet time can make you realize that you don’t need too much a life to be happy. The most important thing is for you to have a beautiful inner state.

Sadhana for Your Evolution

Once again, let us remember staying home can be a sadhana for your evolution. for your family to grow in love. It is also the most significant favor you are doing to save lives.

If we Indians who are more than 1 billion population can contain this epidemic, we will actually be saving the world. So, stay home and celebrate each other.

Happy Ugadi.  Happy Gudi Padwa.