Events in the USA and Canada conducted by specially trained One Consciousness Transformers and Trainers are posted here. Stress Detox and The Beautiful State are spiritual workshop designed to help participants move from stressful to calm states. You will also find the Ekam Festivals and special events by Preethaji that are scheduled throughout the year

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Niki Kapoor

Niki KapoorNiki Kapoor is trained One Consciousness Transformer for O&O Academy. She has been on a transformation journey with O&O Academy for four years. Before that she practiced several modalities to liberate herself from suffering. Her desire was to live in connection with higher self and her journey was a seeking of that. 

As a One Consciousness Transformer, Niki teaches the liberative wisdom of O&O Academy, through The Beautiful State workshop. Her vision is to help people overcome suffering and live in a beautiful state. Her passion is to help others grow in one consciousness and live a beautiful life of true connection and happiness.

Niki by profession a fashion designer and own an all natural skincare brand in USA.


The last few years with O&O Academy have been a beautiful journey of discovering causeless joy and inner freedom. I have been able to create a beautiful life from a beautiful inner state. There is peace, harmony and joy in every area of my life. From the state I live in I am able to respond to life with such grace instead of reacting to it. This wisdom and transformation has given me the ability to connect deeply with others. It has also awakened a passion in my heart to nurture the same state of joy and happiness in others. True happiness comes from within. The Beautiful State course allows you to learn how to move into a beautiful state. My hope is to share this wisdom and processes with you during the course and hold space for you to experience a beautiful state of being. ~ Niki Kapoor

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