One Consciousness Trainers

One Consciousness Trainers Education Program

The One Consciousness Trainers education program will prepare you to serve the transformation of human consciousness.

The teachings come to you from the two generations of O&O Academy founders, Sri Amma Bhagavan, Krishnaji and Preethaji. The program is rooted in the wisdom drawn from a divine phenomenon as well as modern scientific understanding of the correlation of the brain and consciousness. It is designed by Preethaji, from the wealth of her wisdom and compassion.

Training Period

The One Consciousness Trainers program begins with a 7-day course in India and continues through online sessions with O&O Academy for a period of one year. This continuous learning experience will help you reflect upon the workshops and events you are leading. It will also, help you stay in alignment with the ever-evolving updates, upgrades and processes from O&O Academy.

If you are not able to commit to the yearlong learning experience, the One Consciousness Trainers program is not for you. This is because O&O Academy sets a very high standard for the One Consciousness Trainers in respect to every individual who sits in front of a trainer with expectations of transforming their life.

Training Certification

Upon completion of the One Consciousness Trainers course in India, you will be certified to lead the following workshops and experiences for both newcomers to spirituality as well as for experienced seekers:

  • Stress Detox, 2-day classical spiritual workshop
  • The Power of Being, 3-hour introductory event
  • Deeksha-Oneness Blessing evenings
  • Meditation experiences

Your Effort

This is a vigorous training in the fields of meditation, the Oneness Blessing-Deeksha and the foundational principles of transformation. It requires you to reflect in solitude, learn in groups and meditate and connect to the Divine as a community.


To qualify for enrollment in the One Consciousness Trainers program, you must first complete the One Consciousness Awakening Circle Conscious Creator Level 1 course at the O&O Academy campus in India.

In addition, you are required to indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions in the One Consciousness Trainer Certification and License Agreement. Read the O&O Academy agreement here.

Get Clear About Your Intention

Set aside some time for a quiet reflection of what it is you seek to learn, to live, and to teach.

Where is your passion?  What does the world need the most? An awakening to love or an experience of the Divine? Greater awareness and mindfulness? An unburdening of emotional heaviness and returning to calm and presence? Or discovery of passion and purpose at work?

If you have a deep gut feeling that you want to be instrumental in the transformation of human consciousness, then the O&O Academy’s One Consciousness Trainers education program is for you.


The One Consciousness Trainers course fee is based on your accommodation selection. You have the option to stay at Campus 3 or Campus 5.

Campus 3 offers air-conditioned double rooms with private baths. Executive Room Fee: $3,250 per person Standard Room Fee $2,900 per person

Campus 5 provides air-conditioned dormitory style rooms with shared bathrooms. Fee: $2,550 per person.

Fees for this trainers course are paid upon arrival to campus.


If you are committed to being a One Consciousness Trainer, please submit application to attend the 7-day course in India.

O&O Academy Trainer Course Application