One Consciousness Trainers

One Consciousness Trainers Education Program

Preethaji and Krishnaji’s vision is to impact human consciousness at a very fundamental level. To free humanity from inner suffering that eats away the human mind and heart. To reverse the direction of i-consciousness that is at the root of all misery whether personal or global. To set every individual free of the illusion of separation and lead them into enlightened states of consciousness. To be an One Consciousness Trainer is to be part of this noble vision.

The One Consciousness Trainers education program begins with a 7-day course in India and continues through online sessions with O&O Academy.  This continuous learning experience will help you reflect upon the workshops and events you are leading. It will also, help you stay in alignment with the ever-evolving updates, upgrades and processes from O&O Academy.

In the first level of training you will learn to lead the Stress Detox 2-day workshop. Advanced training will be offered on an invitation basis only.


To qualify for enrollment in the One Consciousness Trainers program, you must first complete the One Consciousness Awakening Circle Conscious Creator Level 1 course at the O&O Academy campus in India or attend either the Ekam Abundance Festival or Ekam Enlightenment Festival. In addition, you are required to indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions in the One Consciousness Trainer Certification and License Agreement.

Moreover, you should be dedicated to putting in intense amount of efforts for learning the teachings, skill and allied information in the training course. If the faculty at the academy feel you need more training before you are certified to conduct courses, you should be willing to either stay longer on the campus or come for further on-line learning with the faculty.

You should meditate regularly, grow in your understanding of the teachings, cultivate compassion and humility which are very necessary in your role as an One Consciousness Trainer.

You should follow certain code of conduct as guided by O&O Academy.

After the Trainers Course

  1. You go out as One Consciousness Trainers and lead the Stress Detox workshop at your home for friends and neighbors, at your work place or at the local schools, universities, corporations, yoga studios, fitness centers, spiritual centers etc.
  2. If you already have an organization of your own, you could conduct the Stress Detox workshop there.
  3. As you progress in this path, you will choose to come for advanced and senior trainers course.


The One Consciousness Trainers course fee is based on your accommodation selection. You have the option to stay at Campus 3 or Campus 5. Fees for this trainers course are paid upon arrival to campus.

Campus 3 offers air-conditioned double rooms with private baths. Executive Room Fee: $3,250 per person Standard Room Fee $2,900 per person

Campus 5 provides air-conditioned dormitory style rooms with shared bathrooms. Fee: $2,550 per person.

Trainers Course Schedule 2020

  • March 4 to 10
  • August 3 to 9


If you are committed to being a One Consciousness Trainer, please submit application to attend the 7-day course in India.

O&O Academy Trainer Course Application