One Consciousness Transformers

One Consciousness Transformers Education Program

The One Consciousness Transformers education program will prepare you to serve the transformation of human consciousness. The One Consciousness Transformers program begins with a 10-day course in India and continues through online sessions with O&O Academy faculty. This continuous learning experience will help you reflect upon the workshops and events you are leading. It will also, help you stay in alignment with the ever-evolving updates, upgrades and processes from O&O Academy. You will have the unique opportunity of defining core problems in your organizations or society, find solutions and receive guidance for implementation with the help of the founders. The teachers will support you on this path as guided by the founders. You are part of a platform where ideas and feedback are shared and refined with your peers. There is a healthy dialogue between the community of the transformers and the academy.

In the first level of transformers training you will be trained to lead The Beautiful State 2-day workshop. Advanced transformer training will continue on an invite only basis.


To qualify for enrollment in the One Consciousness Transformers program, you must first complete a One Consciousness Business Course Level 2 at O&O Academy campus in India. In addition, you are required to indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions in the One Consciousness Certification and License Agreement.

Moreover, you must be dedicated to putting in intense amount of efforts for learning the teachings, skill and allied information during the training. If the faculty at the academy feel you need more training before you are certified to conduct workshops, you should be willing to either stay longer on the campus or come for further on-line learning with the faculty.

You should meditate regularly, grow in your understanding of the teachings, cultivate compassion and humility which are very necessary in your role as an One Consciousness Transformer.

You should follow certain code of conduct as guided by O&O Academy.

After the Transformers Course

  1. You go out as One Consciousness Transformers and lead The Beautiful State workshop at your home for friends and neighbors, at your work place, or at the local schools, universities, corporations, yoga studios, fitness centers, spiritual centers etc.
  2. If you already have an organization of your own, you could conduct The Beautiful State workshop there.
  3. As you progress in this path, you will choose to come for advanced and senior transformers course.


The One Consciousness Transformer course fee is $3,800 and includes accommodations on Campus 3. Fees for this trainers course are paid upon arrival to campus.

Transformer Training Schedule 2020

  • March 11 to 20
  • July 6 to 15


If you are committed to being a One Consciousness Transformer, please submit application to attend the 10-day course in India.

O&O Academy Transformer Course Application